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The project Muzzled , a graphical theme builder for mozilla was envisioned when i decided that my firefox was looking too bland and i decided to make a theme , little did i realise how complicated it would get . My search lead me to some mozdev project (chameleon) which had been inactive for some time , which did not serve my purpose. I had read some blog entries regarding RIAs(Rich Internet Applications) which had some XUL examples, with a proposal to write for google SoC , All this fell into place and Muzzled was born

Still wondering why the name muzzled :-) , the idea is that if we wanted to paint the mozilla lizard then we would have to muzzle it (u know the thing on the face , so that no one get bitten ). The idea is to harness the power of mozilla engine to create a theme builder for itself.

About myself , I am Dipankar sarkar , a CS BTech third year student at IITD (Indian institute of technology , Delhi) ,India .It will be an honest attempt to provide a solution which even a complete n00b/newbie can use .

In the proposal , the deadlines i had set have to change due to the issue in the application forms which has taken up some time . I will eventually come up with a time-line , as soon i have discussed the feature list with my mentor. For the UI , unlike chameleon i plan to go more on the lines of dreamweaver(which i feel has a nice UI) .

A complete document has been released, get it here .

More updates later.

The muzzled project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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